Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I don't think Joshua Bell is gay

But if you look it up, apparently a lot of people do. What is it, do you think? The babyfaced looks, the femme violin, the classical music vibe that has never been very masculine to football-playing jocks? (Who are probably more gay then the classical music geeks.)

I interviewed him once about 10 years ago and he didn't strike me as gay. If you know people who are totally into music/dance/SecondLife it can really take up a lot of their time so they have a kind of otherworldly air about them. I think he likes girls but they are secondary to music. He's had those since he was like four, and was watched like a hawk until about 16, so women are nice and great but he's lived most of his life alone and on tour. Sorry, but not a lot of women or men, want to be in a relationship knowing they are going to be No. 2. And the thing is, I don't think he's even aware that's how it is -- because he's an artist and that's how they act.

Anyway, it was worth this post for the picture. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Pardon the pun, but no one (well, most people) wants to play "second fiddle". Personally, I don't think he is gay. If he was, that's his business. You're right about the football player comment about homosexuality. To me, a lot of gay men are the men you'd least expect. I have a male friend who is accused of being gay, just because he has a certain quality to him that reminds me of Joshua Bell's. I also think when girls/women go gaga over an attractive man, others start feeling intimidated, and start throwing the "gay"-label around. What do people expect from him? To get married, and have the marriage fail? I can understand someone not wanting to marry someone who spends most of the year out on the road. It's probably hard for him to have relationships, but it doesn't mean he doesn't try. He's an amazing violinist who captures an audience. Gay or straight, the man just does something for me. By the way, the picture is totally worth it. I have a nasty crush on him, he's gorgeous. :)