Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have been a bad poster . . .

Sorry, everyone, but I've been cleaning and readying my house for sale. Anyone want a house in the desert for $359,500? It can be yours!

I will miss the place, but not the lack of opportunity. There's so much opportunity here in the Bay Area! I love it. Got another assignment, have to love that, too! Hopefully a few more would be nice.

As for jobs, this caught my attention: business writers covering Silicon Valley -- I've heard they pay pretty well, too. Too bad they don't say how much in the ad! And I always hate when they say "No phone calls." Are they rock stars or something? Sheesh!

And if you love babies, maybe this may be your forte. Too bad I've decided to be childfree.

One of the worst ads so far? Compensation: Being part of a larger community. I think that's called poverty.

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