Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why bother with writing sites?

I'm a believer that money should be flowing to the writer, not from the writer. So I can't endorse any Web site that has "writers" paying to be a member of anything. Most of those choose writers (insert "suckers" here) to pay a fee while charging nothing to those looking for services. As I said before, if I'm looking for writers for free, I can be a heck of a lot more unscrupulous than someone who pays or invests into the process.

Currently I'm still looking for markets in the Bay Area and luckily I've found a few. But I found them by writing or contacting editors about it, including putting together a database of writer's guidelines. Will I post them here? Probably not. Why? Because you, if you're a writer, should put out enough effort to find them, too. If not, you're not very invested in the process either.

And on that note -- Here are some of the best writing gigs in the Bay Area! If you like interviewing people and getting their stories, this could be for you. If instead you are a giver of wise advice, perhaps you should try it professionally. And not quite the Bay Area, but close enough! (And I'm going to write for them!) And just a plug for my hometown paper.

And the worst -- We pay college credit!

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