Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm now using Google Analytics!

I'm soooo bloggerrific!

Today was a complete waste of time where I did nothing but eat Kit Kat bars and laze around the house. Was I working on my magazine proposal or my book proposal? Hell, no! That would be productive and stuff.

Anyway, enough kicking my own ass, what's going on with you guys? Out pitching stories and doing what it takes to get ahead? Yeah, me neither.

I'm gaining weight and buying clothes online. Isn't that the first sign of a shut-in? Now that this is available I'll feel all right.

A New York technology company called IconNicholson has developed a magic mirror that enables customers to view themselves in a series of outfits -- without ever having to remove their garments. What's more, shoppers who try on actual outfits can stand at the mirror and invite their friends to review the look via the Web. Those friends then can comment by sending text messages that pop up on the mirror's surface.

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