Thursday, June 28, 2007

My love-hate relationship with Craigslist

I read Craigslist almost religiously. But I am routinely fascinated and repelled by it. Fascinated at the number of postings yet disgusted at the pay rates. Like this one: is looking for locals to write about local places, people and events. This is a great place to start your writing career and get published Online. Strong writing skills is a must. The articles we are looking for would be submitted to our editing staff as 200 - 500 word pieces. Please send us your resume and a writing sample. Thanks, The Site Team
Orange County
Compensation: $25/article

I've found that that the areas of Craigslist that have free postings tend to be the worst-paying (surprise!) I mean, a publisher may pay $25 an article but will balk at paying that for an ad. Areas that do require payment like the San Francisco Bay Area, usually pay higher.

Then there's always the case of each writing gig being duped on every "Be a Freelance Writer" newsletter and noobs bomb the e-mail address so thoroughly that unless you are the third person applying, no one will see your missive.

Oh, Craigslist, how you infuriate me . . . yet fascinate me.

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Susan said...

I hear that! I've gotten some good gigs from CL, but it's almost not worth it because for every decent-paying job I get, I probably apply for 8 others that I never hear from. And because it's an anonymous email that expires after 7 days, there's no way to follow-up.