Friday, June 15, 2007

When you kind of have an assignment . . .

I kind of have an assignment. I didn't follow up on it because I was busy and now on a Friday I'm wondering what the assignment details were. But, as I have previously blogged, editors are rarely in or respond to e-mails on Fridays.

I guess that's my attempt to say that you should take a moment to stop whatever you are doing to clarify the assignment or lose precious days in the process. Anyway, if they are assignments, they will boost up my acceptance tally! If not, my rejection tally. So, as you can see, I can't lose.

I'm bringing back a regular feature: The Most Insulting Craigslist Ad!

The New and Soon-to-be-Improved Deli SF is looking for volunteer writers to write about the SF indie music scene. We can assign you stories, or you can go out and find them yourself! We only write about bands that originate in the Bay Area, which extends down the peninsula and over the bay to Oakland and Berkeley. This is GREAT experience for a resume, etc. It is unfortunately not paid, but the flexibility and exposure you would get is great for someone looking to get into the industry. And the occasional free show and CD is in it . . . Rock on SF!

Wow! An occasional free show and a CD?!? Just for working 12-20 hours a week? I'd say it's GREAT if you were paid.

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