Sunday, July 08, 2007

Feast or famine

I was just realizing when my feast-or-famine time is. I get loads of assignments in August. I don't know why -- maybe I'm firing on all cylinders and my queries really work. Or maybe that's when editors like to buy. July has come and more assignments are rolling in.

I'm trying to keep them evenly spaced out so I don't overload myself. I'm not. All is good.

The news is out -- the San Francisco Chronicle layoffs are coming. Unlike others, it will be based on seniority:

To date, about twenty union employees have voluntarily accepted the buyout offer, which is two weeks of pay for every one year of service, topping out at one year of pay, Cabanatuan said. In addition, Chron management has been handpicking people for the buyouts. Some Chron
insiders say management has been choosing senior staffers to rid the company of their higher salaries.

So, there will be more freelancers joining our ranks!

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