Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My 200th Post! (And postage!)

sr07_011Well, I'm excited anyway!

After a harrowing week, I'm back in the Bay Area and eager for some more rejection! Time for pitches! And sending out paper invoices because I'm old school. And what do those invoices need -- yes, stamps.

For those freelancers who don't know --- the price of postage is rising on
May 12. Yes, didn't it seem like only yesterday the price was raised to 41 cents? Well, apparently it was last May. And stamps will now be 42 cents, which does make those Forever stamps a great marketing ploy and apparently selling like hotcakes. As it said in the release:

Demand for the Forever Stamp continues to increase as the May 12 stamp price change approaches. In the past several weeks, Postal Service customers have been buying Forever Stamps at a rate of about 30 million per day, bringing the amount sold to more than 6 billion since they were first offered in April 2007.

So, stock up!

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