Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Will Be in Ireland, Freelance Enterpreneurs?

Belfast_CastleMostly Northern Ireland, and a short trip to Glasgow. It's a vacation and we hope it's calm, relaxed and rainy.

While most people don't like rainy, if you're from a place where it's sunny 11 months out of the year, rain is a pleasant change.

I saw this blog post from Marci Alboher at the New York Times, which talks about how journalists must be more enterpreneurs because they have to be. You can also find a link to the 90-minute podcast which coaches freelancers on "how not to stalk an editor" and other pieces of advice, but I just read the transcript. Some good advice from Ann Marsh, a freelancer:

Networking is really important. If you are trying to freelance, you probably know other people in the industry. So much of my work has come from people I know or people they know. Also, I have had a lot of work from cold pitching. If you are going to cold pitch, know the contents of a publication well. If someone rejects your cold pitch, treat it as if you are a step closer to getting work with that editor or publication. Use that established relationship and cold pitch again.

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