Friday, April 10, 2009

Working on the book . . .

Isn't it weird when you finally decide to write a book and you're more than half done? Now, it's as if every sentence is painstakingly pored over until I want to give up. Got my 8th chapter done, but can't come up with an ending that works (esp. since I'm trying to get this published before the book comes out.)

Pitched another two stories, one was rejected, the other is being mulled over. I guess you can't hope for better right now.

I am attempting to go to three writers workshops this summer, Stonecoast Writer's Conference, Tin House Summer Writers Workshops and the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. I figure I'll need the comfort and support of writers as I wean myself off of my MFA program. And any input, networking and contacts, will help.


Anonymous said...

Writing a novel is such a scary thought for me, at this point but that is a huge goal of mine. Good luck!

Ms. Write said...

If I would give any advice, it would be that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. I finally decided to quit thinking so much about how I couldn't do it ... and to just do it.

Just wish me luck that someone will buy it!