Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rainy May Day

I know it's really May 2, but it rained all of May 1, the title still works, right?

I'm working on my thesis this weekend because it's due Monday. So I'm spending the weekend locked up in my "tower room" writing my last 20 pages and rewriting the other 65 pages. Throughout all this, I was reading Katherine Boo's
"The Marriage Cure," which is amazingly, beautifully good. Although written in 2003, I think it still works today.

Many of the men she knew called their women "bitch" when their male friends came to visit, and they hit those women when the male friends went away. After sex, they wanted to leave, pretending not to hear when a girl offered to turn on the hot plate and make breakfast biscuits from scratch. "You know how they wrassle you down and it's wham wham wham, and then when they come they go, 'Say my name!?" she asked. "It's all about their egos, and that's all I ever knew. But the first time I slept with Derrick he asked, 'Is this O.K., does this feel right?' And, after, I just burst out crying. Because when he held me I felt, this is it -- this is something I've been missing my whole life."

The only good thing is that in workshop, they said my work was similar. Let's hope I could be this good. Read more about
Katherine Boo here.

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