Friday, December 24, 2010

Do Writers Actually Do This To Each Other?

My anti-anxiety meds.
 I received an odd e-mail the other day from Lauren Lipton, of the "Adventures in Freelancing" animated shorts below, asking me to cease and desist  because of my last post, also an Xtranormal animated short because it was too much like *hers.* She asked me to change the characters and voices so they aren't like hers -- well, one of the three she's done.  Does she understand that Xtranormal has only a few free scenarios, and few voices and characters? That one of them is bound to have the same permutations as she has -- and is she also sending an e-mail to Geico because they also include similar characters and voices? (Probably not, because they made it first.)

Anyway, I have no intention of ceasing and desisting anything. It's too bad because before all this, I thought what she wrote was very funny (although I don't write for women's magazines much, I think she nailed it) and only thought of her positively. I guess it goes to show that most writers deal with insecurity in different ways. Mine involves inordinate amounts of ice cream.

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Lauren Lipton said...

Hi there, and oh, dear--I never meant to start a feud. I was just slightly taken aback at the similarities between our videos and tried to phrase my request super-gently so it wouldn't come across as accusatory or bullying. By all means, keep your video exactly as it is with my blessing (for what it's worth). Writers need to stick together--this business is tough enough as it is!