Sunday, August 13, 2006

Done! ... Well, mostly

Man, I've had a weekend. I've been with my beloved and had one of my college pals come visit, with mom and goddaughter in tow. I spent two hours before they came cleaning like a maniac, essentially unpacking for the first time in ages. I am now officially more at home here in my rented Victorian than I have been in a house I own.

I'm completely unpacked, I've put wedding photos on the walls, I've decorated the bathroom, I've bought art to go with the house. I'm really digging this place ... more than I ever thought possible.

Anyway, I sorted my clothes, cleaned off the floors, vacuumed, washed sheets, made the bed and placed all shoes and clean clothes hanging in my closet. I cleaned the bathroom and shaved the couches (all the cat scratching you kind of slice off with a razor.) Anyway, they came, we walked about four blocks to a place to eat then walked a mile around where I lived where I showed them the historical architecture and the ocean.

Then I dropped off my beloved to fly back "home." I didn't stop sweating since 10 a.m. I was quite attractive. I am out of shape. I got out of the car and my legs literally wobbled. I should be in great shape tomorrow! (Sarcasm.)

I'm turning in my health piece tomorrow!

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