Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't settle for second-best ...

I told someone the story today of one of my first jobs. I was hired when the city editor told me, "Well, our first choice turned us down, so now we're offering you the job." And I took it.

It was a huge mistake. The hiring editor's attitude never changed and I never felt like I got out from under that "second-best" label. It can play with your self-esteem, so my advice is never let it happen.

If an editor or employer isn't gung-ho about having you on their team, it's not worth it. Only go somewhere that wants you and is willing to work a little to get you.

I know sometimes you need to make money, and that's OK, but you know you should never stay in a job that doesn't appreciate or honor you. And still some of you think I'm being a hopeless romantic in saying these things. I'm not. I've just had a lot of jobs. People wanting you aboard vs. tolerating your credentials is a different world.

You don't have to make it harder on yourself. Don't talk yourself into it by thinking of the prestige or the pay. It will never be enough in the long run.

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