Sunday, September 24, 2006

The ads

In case you're wondering about those ads on the top of this page -- they're from Google Adsense and are not picked by me. However, for every click, I do get a few pennies, so if you would like the visit the sponsors, by all means ... !

I should say, though, that no one should ever pay for the privilege of writing. Don't pay these lame Web sites a monthly fee for the "privilege" of being in their listings for "real editors." Most of these sites make writers pay and give "real editors" information for free. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Not only that, but it doesn't weed out the unscrupulous or fakers. If an editor pays nothing to get a writer's information for free, s/he's invested nothing in the process. The writer, who has paid anywhere from $15-$50 a month, is heavily invested in this service. The "editor" looking at their work could be someone who decided that day to start a Web site or magazine without any thought or consideration of payment. They look for a writer, several writers undercut each other to get the job, and do the work.

Three weeks later and copy in hand, the "editor" decides to fold up shop -- or maybe never was -- taking your now free copy with him/her. At best, you get a cut rate of pay that may or may not counterbalance your monthly fee. At worst, you get nothing but poorer.

Real writers find their own markets and risk real rejection. They don't go for "safe" listings or services. I can tell you for a fact that many listings are out-of-date and no listings are a substitute for not reading the magazine.

The only way to write for a magazine is to read it and understand it. It greatly increases chances of being published. Good luck, kittycats!

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