Thursday, September 21, 2006

The end of the mail drought!

It's the end of my three-day mail drought and it brought me a check! I love checks.

It seems as if the U.S. Post Office just kind of kept all my mail and then gave me a whole flood today. That's OK, though.

I'm working on a relationship piece about living away from one another. Not quite long-distance love, but kind of "waiting-for-the-house-to-sell" love. I'll keep you posted on how that's going later. For now, I have to check on my upcoming pieces. Wish me luck!

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April said...

I hate not getting mail too! I'd even rather get a dumb flier than nothing at all. But mail related to writing is the best. And of course letters!
I had one of those "droughts" once and it turns out our mailman was on vacation and his sub was too lazy to actually deliver mail! Go figure! He either didn't do it at all or shoved it all into one persons box.