Friday, September 29, 2006

OK, about freelancing ...

By the way, I think I am a bit of a princess -- I think all that jostling on buses and BART made me sore. I had to take Advil. I love Advil, by the way. Ever since I discovered it for menstrual cramps -- my life has been less painful.

Anyway, back to freelancing! Freelancing is about studying the market, crafting a great query and keeping your fingers crossed. *BUT* have you been doing any networking lately?

Networking helps you find jobs because two to 10 heads are often better than one (even if you think you have more of the thinking power.) So start checking out writer's groups online and offline. Check out the editors of local publications. Are they looking for writers? If not, why not? And if not, do they know someone who is?

Sometimes the best jobs come from referrals, but if no one knows who you are -- you may find yourself at a disadvantage.

Case in point: A small town I used to live in had one, count it ONE public relations company. She was awful. She misspelled all her press releases and was woefully unprofessional in many ways. *BUT* (you saw that coming, right?) she was at every chamber mixer and social event in town getting her name and business card out.

Now someone else who was much more talented or professional might have been a better choice, but could they match her in self-promotion or her constant networking. In the end, which was more important?

Obviously you can be brilliant, but if no one knows it, so what? So, go out there, introduce yourself. That person may be your next client!

Good luck, kittycats!

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