Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The last of the applications!

I just finished my last MFA application! I am officially done. Now I only have one contest to finish and I am done with all this stuff. (And then I'm working on an assignment due on Wednesday.)

I am still owed $400 and I'm a little annoyed about it. I know I wrote them around Xmas, but still, two months is a long time for payment, don't you think? Time for my "Hi, remember me? It's been 60 days," e-mail. Wish me luck.

Interested in more about clips? Read this item from Joe Grimm's column on Poynter Online. A writer asks if they should submit a double-bylined article.

I'd say for a freelancer, probably not. However, if you're going for a full-time job, yes. As a freelancer, you have no one to rely on but yourself and that's what the client is paying for. Another byline would show you need to rely on others. However, if you're going for a job, it shows teamwork, something most employers say they prize. But make sure it's only one double byline in a group of 5-6 clips. You still want everyone to see it's your work that's fantastic.

Only 1 day until Valentine's Day.

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