Tuesday, February 27, 2007

OK, I'm losing patience.

Most newspapers do pay within 30 days but I am now going past 60 days. Very frustrating. How do I do without $400? Well, until you get it, it doesn't exist.

Oh, sure, it exists in your mind and you're aware someone owes it to you, but until you have it -- it really doesn't exist.

I was doing my taxes the other day and it asked if I wanted to keep records by accrual or cash. I chose cash. Accrual is for all the jobs that you billed during the year, even if you didn'f get checks from them all in that same year. I chose cash, which is taxing myself only on the checks I received, even if it was work from late 2005. I just choose to keep all the money real, I guess.

Good luck with tax season, all you writers!

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