Thursday, March 15, 2007

The picture's there for a reason, OK!

Life is so odd sometimes. I wore a professional outfit today just in case the big media boss came over and wanted to talk to me. There was a 0.0008 percent chance of this, yet still I wore a skirt and matching sweater. He didn't come over and talk to me. In fact, he didn't come into the office at all and I was gone for most of the day anyway.

I found this link interesting, because it talked about how we need to be muckrakers again. It's too bad they only focused on television journos, but hey... it's kind of the same idea.

I spent my day working on a story, heading to a luncheon with professionals who always seem to have raffles for liquor of some kinds (leaves me out, I'm working) but a really, really good spread. Man, I almost go for those meals alone. After a meal and an informative program, I make contacts, do interviews and then drive the 10 minutes back to the office.

Too bad this time I had a problem. A feminine problem. Luckily, after heading to Walgreen's I found out that they have a public restroom ... unlike Rite-Aid! (So, go there, girls!) And life was less horrible. Then a mad dash for gasoline because I was on empty and a 10-minute ride back to the office. It was a long day, but a fruitful one.

Remind me to tell you that I'm writing for the New York Times next month! And Happy 29th Birthday, Leroy! Love you.

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