Saturday, May 26, 2007

Am I the only one that doesn't go away on holidays?

So many people I know are heading to the beach or various rivers this weekend where they will be hemmed in by thousands displaying sunburned and half-naked flesh, where they will barely have a patch of dirt to place a cooler filled with beer and hot dogs. They will travel in intense traffic, park a half-mile or more away and trek with beach chairs and towels all for the pleasure of listening to the high-decibel drone of hundreds of jet-skis and the yelps of drunken boaters. I'm not even going into the accidental drownings -- I worked at state parks before, it's like clockwork.

And you wonder why I stay home?

Man, I sound grumpy. The park across the street is full of families barbecuing and flying kites. It's a much more calm holiday. And, as a journalist and state park employee, chances were I would be working this holiday anyway. I'm not this year, though!

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