Monday, May 14, 2007

In knee pain!

Uh, I was going to make this post a rant against this second-rate quack I went to see because I tweaked my knee. I went because it hurts like a @($#! Granted, it was starting to get a little better and he then proceeded to tell me I had what looked like the beginnings of arthritis and I should get a cortisone shot.

I've never gotten one in my life and I'm 34, so the idea that I'm arthritic is asinine but I let him talk me into it, even though I felt in my heart it was a bad idea. I did and then read over and over again that a cortisone shot is the last-ditch attempt to make you feel better when you already have arthritis. All I wanted was freakin' physical therapy, which worked last time I twisted my knee (and when I had no cortisone shot.) And several doctors said it should be in tandem with physical therapy! It got me so frustrated and mad I started crying.

He wasn't even listening to the injury part, he just treated me like his stream of elderly patients. Jabbed me with a needle that made blood seep down my leg (yeah, he was *that* good at shots!)

The bad part is that my knee is so numb and weird feeling, I almost wish for the pain. I feel like I could really injure it now.

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