Thursday, July 12, 2007


This post will have nothing to do about writing, instead it will be about a trashy "reality television" program called "The Age of Love."

The single guy is some former Aussie tennis player trying to date several women, some aged in their 20s, others 39+.

The guy's not that cute and kind of dim-witted, and it's a la "The Bachelor" so it's a little misogynistic (all women want a man and are desperate to have one) but I'm watching it because the older women are just kind of calm and easygoing and seem to actually like one another. Imagine that!

But he keeps saying the same @$% like, "I like that she smiles a lot. I really love when a woman smiles all the time."

And I'm having deja vu because I've heard that from so many guys who apparently don't want women who think or might question their masculinity in any way.

God forbid a woman should be a real, thinking person and have a thoughtful mood instead of being a plastic game show host her entire waking life and smiling like a loon. Do some men really think women exist to be these life-size dolls that smile all the time, look pretty and magnify their egos? I'm hoping it's just the dumb ones, but then I realized how many of my male friends said some form of this statement (and some weren't even numbskulls!) and realized, I think it's one of those woefully misguided male ones.

Oooo, I'm so in a mood. I think I'll go back to smiling like a loon so boys will like me!

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