Saturday, July 21, 2007

Welcome back, Potter!

OK, so I am a geek. I am waiting patiently at home awaiting the final book in the Harry Potter series. I plan on reading a bit and then probably sleeping since I have to get up early tomorrow and deposit a multitude of checks (yay!) into my bank account. I really see how wonderful direct-deposit is. Too bad so few publications do it!

So if I don't post a lot this weekend, it's because I'm slogging away at its 800 pages or so, writing a dating column and trying to see "Hairspray." My weekend is complete.

When novices ask you for the editor you're working with so they can pitch something, is it wrong to ignore them? I tend not to give my editors' names to people because a) then I somehow feel responsible if they inundate them with really bad pitches, b) the editor may not appreciate me handing off that information and c) I feel as a writer you should do your own research.

Too cranky? Maybe, but it's how I feel. Now onto Harry Potter . . . !

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Susan said...

You have just been named a "Rockin' Girl Blogger." See for more info.