Saturday, August 25, 2007


Did anyone notice "Masters of Science Fiction" was on ABC at 10 p.m. on Saturday? Well, for those of you who liked Showtime's "Masters of Horror," then "Masters of Science Fiction" is much better. Too bad you only have one more episode -- tonight:

The series concludes with "The Discarded" (SATURDAY, AUGUST 25), based on
the short story by seven-time Hugo Award winner, three-time Nebula Award winner and Science Fiction Grand Master Laureate Harlan Ellison. The episode is written by Harlan Ellison and 2005 Academy Award nominee Josh Olson ("A History of Violence"). Jonathan Frakes ("Star Trek") directed. Brian Dennehy, John Hurt and James Denton star in this ultimate story of despised minorities sentenced to drift in the darkness of outer space forever. These men and women make a desperate pact in the hope of being offered refuge at home on Earth.

Speaking of Masters, I'm still working on mine. It's been a busy day. I bought my books and toured my new college campus today. It's small but kind of sweet. It can be walked across in probably about 15 minutes, a big difference from my previous campus where it took about an hour.

My orientation is tomorrow where I deliver 17 copies of my personal essay to the class (yay! -- not.) and they will begin criticizing it. I just hope we have a level of maturity there. (Yes, it's funny I say that.)

I also went on an instructor orientation where now I'm all jazzed about teaching, too. Man, will I have time? (And will anyone sign up?!?) And figuring out how I'm possibly going to get to work at 7:45 a.m. every day.

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