Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am not young anymore

I learned that today as I walked around campus during my orientation today. I hiked up a hill and was sweating like crazy. Man, embarrassing sweat. It made my hair look like I hadn't even used a curling iron (and don't you hate that!)

I felt better than the girl wearing high-heeled cork mules, but that's not saying much. So we hike up this trail into a clearing of redwoods where there's some women there serving tamales and lumpy rice and water beans.

It was weird, it felt like everyone already knew one another. Probably because half did. At the picnic, everyone segregated off into the smoking/drinking crowd and that's not really my crowd anymore, so I was in the much small sober and conscious crowd. I met two girls named Molly and Korin.

I know the difference between public and private universities now. They actually led us on a campus tour. I was like, "Wait a minute, aren't we grad students?" And two students kept saying, "Where's the administration building? I need to find it!"

And I had to bite my lip to keep from saying. "Look at your map, moron! You're 25 years old!" but I refrained.
It was a little intimidating and I hope it works out. Lots, lots and lots of reading. Wish me luck.

I met some nice people. Russ Rymer kind of dissed me, but I will survive. I get to pay my $5,000 tomorrow!

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