Friday, September 21, 2007

Have I survived a month of this?

I have survived a month of graduate school and a full-time job! Rock me, Amadeus!

I was checking this out on the Los Angeles Times Web site, this
debate on what obesity really is. I agree with Paul Campos. Be active, try to eat a balanced diet and leave the rest to nature. Get off everyone's chunky back.

I think I appreciated that Campos brought up what so many of us already think:

Needless to say, both diet companies and obesity researchers are doing their best to change this unacceptable situation. Thus we have researchers advocating "the development of culturally sensitive public health intervention programs ... to encourage black youth to achieve a healthy and reasonable (sic) body size." Translation: Let's make black and brown girls feel as bad about their bodies as we've managed to make the average white girl feel about hers.

You go, girl! And this calls for a Mika Moment. Let's hear it for the big girls!

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