Monday, October 01, 2007

My new migraines!

Apparently, I am so stressed out that I'm getting migraines again. With work, graduate school and occasional freelancing I'm stress-eating, not getting enough sleep and feeling so angry I could rip someone's arm off.

The last time I had migraines was during undergrad. When I look back, those were less stressful time -- well, not really, because they made me take math and physics. Now I just write and read, and that's not half as stressful. But the work is. The special project, too. OK, better stop, I feel another one coming on.

I'm working on the personal essay right now, and I realize they just make me all emotional and crazy. Apparently I have a lot of pain I haven't dealt with. Duh! I guess, in a highly dysfunctional way, I'm dealing with it.

Now, I have to go and get some sleep. Take care all of you!

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