Friday, October 05, 2007

Sleepy Little Weekend in Frostville

Hey, despite my summer and golden/peachy Web site it is starting to turn cold in the Bay Area and we have our first frost advisory of the season! I broke out my space heater (and I don't mean the multi-colored, four-legged and furry ones that eat and poop constantly) and one of the eating, pooping machines wedged his entire body up against it, thus singeing his fur and making sure no one else might feel warmer than an icicle.

Other than that, I wrote a personal memoir for class:

"She wondered if it was the scent of desperation. Even in L.A. she had done better than this. She missed its dive bars, transvestite hookers and skanky alley clubs. She missed her friends.

She saw him winding up cable so that the veins in his wiry arms and hands began to swell under the taut skin. She always had a thing for thick, manly wrists and hands. They always made her feel small and feminine."

and had something published in the NYTimes! I have received almost all my checks. I am very, very excited.

I will post more writer-related stuff tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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