Friday, November 30, 2007

Pitching During the Holidays

Another month of pitching to editors who may or may not be on vacation for three weeks! Yay! My favorite!

So far, one pitch and an assignment from a long-standing client. Not big money, but definitely good Xmas money (althought I probably won't be paid until January.) That's cool, thought.

Weirdness upon weirdness -- I think I'm going on antidepressants. Thing is, I don't know if it will help. Basically almost every therapist I've had has tried to get me to go on them (because I seem so depressed? I guess.) The weird part was that around Thanksgiving I was positively euphoric.

My SO didn't irritate me, my parents didn't irritate me (well, once, but that's to be expected at least once during the four days.) I didn't overeat, I felt pretty good, really. I felt very calm inside. I have no idea why. Maybe I really love my parents?

I also only have a term paper and one five-page story to submit for the end of the semester and my work is completed! Woohoo!

I am attempting to head to the Central Coast for travel piece, too. It's like an annual pilgrimage to this one tourist trap, but a lovely one, nonetheless.

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