Monday, March 03, 2008

My Psychiatrist is Mad At Me

Yes, she is. I changed my appointment last minute and she was not happy about it. Why? you ask. Because it feels weird at work and I don't want to miss much work especially when they're deciding who to lay off. I don't think it's me, but hey, corporations are corporations, and media corporations lay off.

I'm on antidepressants right now, sertraline, and I'm not sure they work, but I use them anyway. So far I haven't lost any weight, but not everyone gets the good side effects. (Damn!)

Still trying to figure out my novel but did finally turn in my story to the New York Times. So I should hear from them in.....a month.

I penned an angry tirade that I sent to my workshop class. Not finished, not finessed, but hope it's OK. It's probably the least revised thing I've turned in. A sample:
"Anger isn't becoming in a girl, my mother says, the Thrifty cashier says, society says. Fuck them. Because for a few hours, days or even weeks I am a ball of angry venom ..."
Also working on a food/travel piece for Spring Break. Hope it works.

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