Thursday, March 06, 2008

Should you bother your editor?

If you're like me, you get scared bothering your editor in case they may decide not to buy your story. Weird, I know, and unlikely, but I guess I have low self-esteem. Sometimes you can't believe people pay you to write!

I always enjoy the whole, "Oh, you're a writer, huh? So how do you make any money?" and I tell them I get paid for writing articles and they act as if I'm from Planet Makebelieve. People are weird. I think it's just as crazy people pay to make six meals at a strip mall and take them home to freeze. (OK, I think it's weirder.)

Anyhow, I will send my editor an e-mail by Monday, letting him know I don't even have my invoice yet and as a passive-aggressive nudge. Oh, confrontation, how I will learn to love thee!

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