Monday, April 14, 2008

The hard part about writing personal essays

j0433219OK, so you think it's not hard writing personal essays. You're right, it isn't. You just talk about yourself, right?

But the best personal essays are those heartwrenchingly honest pieces that really deliver for the reader. The ones that your poor blood into, that you break your heart over.

Well, I tried to do that. I tried to write a piece -- humorous, no less -- about my cardio problems. After I tried to write it, I found myself getting anxious and worried. Whatever I did, I couldn't make it funny. Instead, I was faced with my mortality, which in your early 30s, is not something you think you have to deal with. Anyway it freaked me out, I shelved the essay, and told my editor it wasn't working out.

Know your limitations. If you haven't faced what you're dealing with, you will when you write it. And the end result may not be very pretty or, in my case, lucrative.

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