Thursday, April 10, 2008

OK, back from class....

Man, it's late and I had a sugar feast in class today. Chocolate chip cookie, an orange and homemade chocolate toffee. Who makes homemade chocolate toffee, I ask you? Who does?!? Apparently people from Maine do. Thanks, Terri Ann Bourke! I am now prediabetic.

I got my check from the NY Times! Another $1,000 goes to buying a house. Yes, all my freelance goes into my "Buying a House Fund." I won't say how much I have, but it's a tidy down payment in any place *but* the Bay Area.

How does one pitch you ask? If you're luck and have an editor who takes a shine to you, it can work. The shine part, that's the hard part. Will fill you in later.

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