Monday, April 07, 2008

Balancing Full-Time and Freelance

Q: OK, how do you balance freelance, full-time work and graduate school? Are you a superhero?

A: Why thanks! I am pretty amazing.

Seriously, the first semester was the toughest. I found I could always do two of the three relatively easy, but once the third factor came in, it became extremely difficult.

Right now, I pretty much work 40 hours a week and school takes up about 20 hours a week of my time on average. So, I tend to do my pitching freelance ideas when I know I have a school vacation (hello winter and spring break!) or do as much as I can in the summer. You will notice that most of my freelancing is following this pattern.

Granted, a lot of my freelancing has stopped, but the clients I do have pay well and I only do what I enjoy. It's a great way for simplifying your life.

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