Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back in Black (Or is it Red?)


I was laid off from my full-time media job, so now I'm a full-time freelancer again. Not bad, at least something I know I can do and not freak out about. Still, I'll miss the camaraderie. Sigh.

Queried the New York Times on a food/travel piece and hope it works out. If not, I will survive. I also have to work on a travel piece about the Oregon Wine Country, which churns out my
favorite wine ever!

However, I do have unemployment benefits coming to me, which will take the edge of surviving for a bit. I'm trying to take some time for myself as well as work, let's see if I succeed.

I'll leave you with something author
Karen Robards said:

"Never give up," she says. "Read everything, and figure out what kind of books you love. Then write them. But having said that, you also need to be aware of what's being published. There are trends in writing just like there are trends in everything. Try to tailor your writing to fit with what is currently selling, and you'll up your chances considerably."


BeautyTalk said...

I got laid off from my editor position about two months, too! I'm living off unemployment and some freelance work. I just started freelancing so it's been tough. Hope you find a job soon.

Ms. Write said...

I know the freelance is coming and maybe a job that's better than my last one?

Thanks for the words of encouragement.