Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OK, out of the doldrums...

belfastMan, I read that last post...what a whiner! Sheesh. Sorry, kids.

Been busy and trying to pitch a
"Choice Tables" article for the New York Times travel section, but trying to come up with an awesome pitch. I know what I want to do, so I've done a bit of research online and narrowed down a few restaurants, now I just need that delicious tidbit that will push the editor into saying, "Yes!"

We love that, don't we? Oh, yes, we do. What is that delicious tidbit? Some kind of hook or something that makes it relevant or unique. I'm pretty sure the location is unique enough, but ... just that little something.

If it isn't accepted, I've found that my local newspaper is willing to spend $250 for a travel feature, so at least I have that! That's not bad, is it? Nope...that will give me at least a couple tanks of gas!

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