Thursday, April 08, 2010

April Kind of Sprang Out of Nowhere!

I was writing the last post and then suddenly, it was April! Sorry about that. I'm on Spring Break, after a few months of teaching and God, I needed it. (Is that saying the Lord's name in vain? I've never been sure about that.)

I find that I'm getting most of my news from "The Daily Show," since I seem to have no patience for CNN or MSNBC. For whatever reason, I can watch Bloomberg all day, maybe because I yell at the CEOs and toadying research/credit rating companies on TV.

The Squaw Valley Community of Writers will be holding workshops in Squaw Valley this summer. I've been to the writing workshops and they are very, very good. The quality of work is mostly high and advice is always worthwhile. (It's also one of the cheaper retreats!) If you have a week in August, look into it! Deadline is May 10!

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