Friday, April 09, 2010

Can You Be A Writer and Have a Part-Time Job?

Someone asked that once. Can you still be a writer and have a day job? Or a part-time job, or a temp job?

The answer: Of course! Times are tough and people need money. Few people totally rely on one source of income. Personally, I have a couple of permalance gigs, but I still teach writing and literature classes as an adjunct instructor. I think I'm only going to be teaching one class in fall, so I'm hoping to finish writing my book.

I've been noticing a few gigs on Craigslist about a part-time communications specialist or PR work. If my schedule was less irregular, I think I'd apply. I figure right now with our economy in the toilet, it's also a great opportunity to try something new.

I also figure all kinds of experience helps a creative mind. When you write your book, the more jobs you have, the more interesting your life!

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