Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow, I Am Loving "Real Housewives of NYC" and I Refuse to Apologize

Seriously, Kelly Bensimon's breakdown was amazing. If you have not seen it, and you're an actor, you may want to watch to get some pointers about someone going over the deep end.

On a real reality note, I had a few job interviews -- one with a company that didn't call when it was supposed to but rescheduled for tomorrow. Another that seemed like it was going to pan out but no word, and yet another I haven't heard from. So I ordered Japanese food and fed my cat sashimi which he gobbled down, while I ate an ebi tempura roll and thought about how I should biked for an hour to get rid of this feeling of restlessness. But like I have been doing lately, I just finished eating and sat on the couch watching "Real Housewives." My SO is also addicted, but he denies this  -- yet somehow is always in the room when it's on.

I shocked my students yesterday when I told them they didn't have to stay in a job that makes them unhappy. "Really?" they kept asking me. "Really?"

"Yes," I told them. "Stay there only for as long as it takes to find something else. And there will be something less horrible out there for all of  you. I swear."

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