Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yahoo! Buying Associated Content?!?

Yahoo! apparently bought content mill, Associated Content for $100 million. Just think how much freelance content that $100 million could pay for, if they had chosen to hire their own freelance writers? By my estimate -- $1,800 a month for a story 20 times a month -- could pay 100 freelance writers for 46 years. Oh, well.  If I though about how small our writer world was becoming I think I would cry. So, onto other things.....

I'm sending out a travel piece I did on spec in the hopes of bringing in some money. I have no idea what they will say, although I hope they say, "Yes, you brilliant woman, yes! Here's $1,000."

I have two job interviews this week, one as a contractor for a website and another as a writing tutor. The tutoring gig pays more. Several of my fellow MFAers did tutoring as a part-time job (how often do you get paid $25-$30 an hour for a part-time job?) and lamented how they were tutoring only pampered kids from well-off families who didn't care on iota about the subject they were being tutored on. Mostly they talked about Prom, sports or new outfits. Don't tell anyone I told you.

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