Friday, December 28, 2012

Right before the end of the year!

Hi, all. I'm not sure I like this new blogger interface, but hey, I will survive.

Speaking of surviving, I have to deal with unemployment because the teaching isn't doing as well as I would like. I keep telling myself that it's the world telling me that I need to finish my YA novel. I really do. I kind of view it as my federal arts grant -- I think more people should.

I am on a lot of drugs right now in order to have a baby, so in many ways it may be fortuitous that I don't have a regular job. On that note, freelance work is heating up and I'm always surprised at that. I always figured the freelancing would dry up and the teaching would continue. Perhaps it's a sign?

My SO says "signs" are basically rank superstition, but I find primarily logical people/engineers/computer programmers to be tedious. They lack imagination and are mired in solipsism. I prefer to be around people who don't think they know everything. (This is not really the SO, but he has shades of this.) So, I'm still looking for signs of what I should be doing. So far, it's looking like I'm writing about business and technology.

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