Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh, rejection!

In case you have been breathless with anticipation at my Rejection/Acceptance scoreboard, you will be glad to know that I've had a few more rejections lately. At this rate, I should be able to reach my goals by Dec. 31.

I was rejected for my political satire piece by the Los Angeles Times and also an alternative weekly. I was also rejected for two classes at a local community college. I guess I have one acceptance from them...I think. I guess I will call it one until I hear otherwise.

I teach writing occasionally, so I decided to teach a different kind of writing that "hacks" couldn't teach. I use that term loosely, but often people who teach writing courses at local colleges are the same people teaching "How to Organize Your Life" and "Learn to Appreciate Wine," along with "Learn to be a Writer." I think you should view those types of "writers" with some skepticism.

Sometimes people just like the paychecks from teaching college courses and don't really have much talent in the three or four kinds of classes they teach. (Ahhh, that sounded pompous!) Try to find an instructor with some real credits behind what they teach, then at least they can give some wisdom and experience to the class.

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