Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh, it's getting cold again!

It is a bit chilly tonight -- not that I miss the desert! I don't. And I'm still going there this weekend. I feel all rich because I live in two places! Woohoo!

I just got the news that another one of my pieces is running this Sunday in the Chronicle! I rock. And this boosts me up to 64/60 for this year. What if I never make my rejection number? Is that a failure?

By the way, I spotted this on It might speak to a lot of freelance writers out there who are a little nervous about talking to strangers. Writers are a strange lot, or maybe just a little more introverted than most. Personally, I view myself as playing a role and my role is of "Journalist." So I'm not me, who's nervous and unsure, I'm "Journalist" who's out to get the story. It works.

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