Sunday, December 10, 2006

Whew! Back from the desert!

The desert house doesn't feel like mine now. I like that. Decorated there and then put up a wreath on my front door in the Bay Area. (I bought it from RiteAid.)

It was chilly back here, but I could deal with it. My poor SO was tired and apparently hurt his leg lying on it. We have all of $30 between us for the coming week and have been raiding our freezer for food. I found edamame! So all is not lost. Did you know I'm 1/8 Japanese?

My story came out in the San Francisco Chronicle and I'm putting it up in the "My Work" links. Hope you look at it!

And I forgot this feature for the last week or so, thinking that the average Bay Area gig is paying. But here it is, "Fiction provides an escape from the daily grind and that's something our readers deserve." But our writers deserve nothing!

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