Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Adding insult to a writer's injury/query

I don't usually throw words around like "bastards" but I do for this posting. What I cannot stand is when you query a publication for a story -- where you contact an editor and outline an idea and they don't bother to answer you back -- but that same editor can somehow forward your name and address from your e-mail to their circulation department to hit you up for a subscription!

Why the hell would I buy a subscription from you when you didn't have the common decency to respond to my query? Why would I want to help a publication's profit when I haven't profited one iota? Man, talk about tacky!

I actually would have no problem with people asking me to subscribe that have published my stuff. No problem at all. But the other way around? Man, that takes some real cojones, VARIETY and AARP!


Anonymous said...

That's just wrong. The magazines I write for usually send me a FREE subscription.

Anonymous said...

That would be VERY annoying! It's like when you have "friends" who say they have no time to e-mail but they can spend time sending you stupid fwds. People often do what benefits tham and hope you're stupid enough not to realize!

Ms. Write said...

Well, after ripping them into little bits and throwing them away I felt better.

Thanks for the support!