Monday, May 28, 2007

Whales headed home

After a couple of weeks of craziness (see photo) the humpback whales are heading out to sea -- apparently on their own. They, too, hated the Memorial Day Weekend crowds. I can't blame them.

I think what annoyed me most were the people saying, "I think we should think of a better way of using our resources rather than spending it on two lost whales." I don't subscribe to that (and those are annoying people. It's not as if there was a choice between a drowning girl and two lost whales, or any other emergency.) Besides those are mostly state and federal employees out there, they're paid whether they do anything or not.

My husband believes they turned around because they received the antibiotics they needed (or the idea of someone wedging a small spear of weird stuff in you was enough for Mama to say, "Hey, baby, let's get outta here!") I personally think it was all the noise and antics of Memorial Day Weekend. Either way, let's hope they are on their way to Alaska.

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