Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have an excuse. It's hot.

girlballIt's hella hot. Hella! This is why I left the desert for the Great White North. Anyway, after sweating through watching "The Office" I retreated to the one room with a teeny airconditioner -- which means about 30 minutes of sweating before it cools down enough to sleep.

I'm working on a list of ideas for the next few months, pitching to the
New York Times, Washington Post and others. I hope it works out for me. Fingers crossed! I'm traveling to Europe in August and baby needs a new pair of shoes. ... And how many stories can I get out of this trip anyway? *ponder*

There's the obvious travel story, then something about restaurants, maybe something about nightlife -- then maybe something about local drinks or food? Wow, there's a lot to think on. I will keep you posted.

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