Saturday, April 10, 2010

What the heck is a Media Star?

What is a Media Star anyway? Who is one? Apparently Business Insider (who?!?) seems to know 25 of them. Apparently they're high-powered journalists of note - who are now working for AOL or the Daily Beast or some other Web site. I just don't understand how one becomes a Media Star or why we would name someone that?

They worked in New York? Or made more than $100K? Do I care more about their livelihood than I do my own or someone I know in the business? Not really. Perhaps it's my sense of fair play, but who cares? Those people generally have many more contacts than Jane Doe at the Carson City Caller-Times -- aside from those people generally having good contacts to get that job in the first place. Is that talent or good journalism? Not really. Mostly it's just who you know, right?

Well, apparently they also have friends in The Biz who write about them. So we get to know who's shopping a Mommy blog and who's heading to! Yes, I'm underwhelmed as well.

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Eureka said...

I'm so glad there's someone as unimpressed as I am. Kudos to the down-to-earth journalists!